TOCRIA Approach

There has been a growing recognition of the tourist attractiveness of cities or regions that bet on creativity and innovation. The creative industries’ influence on regional and local development has been widely analyzed in national and international organizations. The creative industry encompasses a number of creativity-related activities as a central element, including the cultural sector and tourism. Considering that cultural traditions are an integral part of the creative economy, it is possible to conceive tourism as a creative activity, either by the experiences generated by the agents involved, by producing symbolic value; by originality, creativity and process of continuous innovation in certain tourist sectors, such as cultural tourism. Tourist destinations increasingly feel the need to differentiate themselves in order to become more competitive, attractive and sustainable.

The creation of tourism products and experiences arising from the combination of cultural, creative and tourist resources is one of the fundamental development strategies to achieve these objectives.
In this context, TOCRIA aims to bring together the knowledge that allows answering several questions related to the synergies that can be explored between the Tourism Industry and the Creative Industry, trying to answer some questions such as:
How can these two industries cooperate to be more competitive?
How does the tourism industry add value as a foundation for creative products?
What opportunities and challenges can be identified in order to develop these industries?
How can the academy help to innovate, create and transfer knowledge for the development of creative tourism?
With this propose, the authors must apply with an abstract under one of the following subjects:

Entrepreneurship and project management
Innovation, business models and financing
Digital media, social media and content production
Marketing, advertisement and digital communication
Public policies and regional and local development
Education, training and research methodologies
Material and immaterial heritage, identity and culture
Marketing and communication of wine and gastronomy
Creative destinations and touristic digital products
Iberian American sessions: Portuguese and Spanish language
Please send your abstract (1 to 3 pages + references) to tocria2018@gmail.com.

The TOCRIA second conferecence will take place in Lisbon in Nova University of Lisbon - Faculty of Social an Human Sciences.
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In addition to the activities of dissemination through websites and social networks with the
contents and recording of the conference, several opportunities are foreseen to publish the works,
for instance the publication in a book, and the best papers will be selected for a special edition of
a scientific journal yet to be defined. The papers – abstracts – will also be posted on the conference
website and partners' website.

The program will soon be available at CEPESE website - www.cepese.pt.
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